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About Us

JK MetroMedia Studios has firmly anchored itself as one of the premiere homes for independent films, tv shows, video games, interactive media, and webisodes. We take pride in collaborating with filmmakers and bringing forth their creative vision from well-known collegues to first time writers and directors, we continue to seek out innovative stories and storytellers.  JK MetroMedia strives to create entertaining films, while never sacrificing quality and the unique visions of our filmmakers. We look forward to our continued success.


Dr. James P. Keough, Co-Founder and CEO.  

Dr. Keough has over 45  years experience in Venture Capital, Investment Banking, and Real Estate. Dr. Keough has over 3 billion of Real Estate property for sale.  He is the  Co-Founder and CEO of JK Metromedia for 5  years. Focusing on developing projects for Film and TV. He is privately invested in films for over 30 years. In addition, he is the Founder of  International Asset Management for the last  20 years. 

He is also a World Traveler with a 100 ton Captains License, IFR and VFR Pilots license. Dr. Keough enjoys Yachting, Scuba Diving, Fishing, Billiards, Polo,  Treasure Hunting and Bridge. He is a purveyor of fine art, exotic cars  and wine. . He is fluent in Spanish. He is compassionate humanitarian and supports his community. He has volunteered for the "Make a Wish Foundation" and worked for the "Foundation for the Junior Blind". In addition, he has been a Voting Precinct Inspector for over 20 years in the Los Angeles.

Dr. James Keough holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from the University of Illinois and a PHD in Metaphysics from ULC.

Linkedin| www.linkedin.com/in/drjameskeough

Twitter| jameskeough750

Instagram| drjameskeough

Margaux Monet, Co-Founder and President, 

Ms. Monet over 20 years experience in the entertainment, media, and in closing high level international financial business negotiations. She is the Co-Founder and President of JK Metromedia for 5 years. She is also the founder of Monet Capital Funding and Margaux Monet Designs. She has been in the forefront of over 2 billion dollars of foreign investment over the last 20  years. She has international portfolio of foreign investors with a net worth of over 1.5 billion dollars who are willing to invest 8 percent with a guaranteed rate of return of 8 % on their initial investment over a period of 24 months.

She is world  traveler who enjoys yachting, polo, yoga and dancing. She is a purveyor of fine art, and Haute Couture. She fluent in French and can converse in Spanish and German.

She is a philanthropist  and has volunteered to help rescue animals, Special Olympics and Habitat for Humanity. 

She studied Mathematics and Electrical Engineering at Georgia Tech.

Linkedin | www.linkedin.com/in/margauxmonet

Twitter | margauxmonet

Instagram | margauxmmonet

Grayson White, Executive Assistant to Ms. Monet.  Mr. White has 8 year's  experience working with various film companies and would like to continue to develop his career with JK Metro Media.  His role will continue to evolve and grow as the company continues its agressive growth.


Julie Chapman, 2nd Executive Assistant to Ms. Monet has over 6 year's experience working with Universal as an Adminstrative Assistant.  She is excited about the opportunity to work with JK Metro Media and we are excited to have her.

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